Renovation Services

Renovation and Construction team

Our team consists of a contractor, qualified engineers and architects, decorators, plumbers, electricians, and specialized crews that guarantee the completion of the renovation in a predetermined time while providing a 3-month guarantee for all the work.

We undertake the installation of tiles, aluminum systems, security doors, the purchase and transfer on your behalf of materials and furniture such as tiles, sanitary ware, kitchen and bathroom furniture, and whatever is needed from suppliers of top quality materials at extremely competitive prices.

Our team has experienced craftsmen, while the management and organization of the work is carried out by experienced engineers.

Fill out the form to inform us about the actions that need to be taken and we will contact you for more details.


  • Dismantling of bathrooms, tiles, plumbing and sanitary ware
  • Dismantling of kitchen, cabinets and built-in old kitchen furniture
  • Dismantling of floors, ceilings and other decorative elements
  • Debris removal

Electrical and Hydraulic Tasks

  • Electrical and Hydraulic Installation of a modern electrical panel
  • Installation of new electrical lines on the walls
  • Installation of modern wall outlets/switches
  • Design and installation of hidden LED lighting
  • Separate lines for air conditioning or for areas with high power consumption
  • Installation of modern hydraulic infrastructure and piping
  • Installation of sanitary ware and repair of moisture on the walls

Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Kitchen and bathroom design by a specialized engineer in 3D (3D) illustrations
  • Installation of kitchen and bathroom furniture
  • Installation/ replacement of bathtub or shower
  • Laying of tiles or cement mortar

Other Tasks

  • Replacement of internal and external frames and installation of aluminum or PVC systems
  • Plastering and painting walls, frames, doors, and windows
  • Repair or complete reconstruction of floors
  • Demolition of walls and renovation of spaces
  • Outdoor renovation